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How to Include Your Charitable Foundation
501(c)3 non-profit organizations may use the 321Gone Web site to raise money. In addition, registered charities may include their organization’s identifying logo, and a brief mission statement on this page. Below are instructions for registering your charitable foundation.

    1. Register as a new member of 321Gone from the Join Free link.

    1. Once you receive your password, logon to your account from the Members link, and click on the Edit Public Profile link. Append your member information to include your organization’s Web site address, identifying logo, charitable interests, and mission statement.

    1. This information will then be available in your Public Profile. Each member has a Public Profile which gives other members access to your recent listings, Wish List items, and contact information.

    1. Fax your organization’s state approved Articles of Incorporation, or other documentation validating you as a non-profit organization, to 925/820-5509, ATTENTION: Non-Profit.

  1. Once we receive your information, we will include your organization’s identifying logo and mission statement on this page. 321Gone members will then be able to find your organization’s listings by clicking on the appropriate links.

Please Note:
We provide discounts to registered non-profit organizations that frequently sell through 321Gone.

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